Why Choose Performance Lab

360 Degrees of Fitness

Welcome to Performance Lab. Our team of dedicated coaches are here to take your training beyond what you thought possible. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, someone with a fitness goal or new to training our range of functional, innovative equipment will help build 360 degrees of fitness and eliminate weaknesses.

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Cutting Edge

Performance Lab goes beyond what warehouse “boxes”and commercial Globo gyms can offer, combining cutting edge innovative training principles with proven techniques established over centuries.

Class Based System


We’re the difference between “going to the gym” and TRAINING. At Performance Lab you won’t be sitting around chatting during your workouts, you won’t be waiting for a piece of kit to come free, you won’t be wasting your time. Our workouts are designed to be short, tough and EFFECTIVE. You’ll be continually evaluated during your time with us, allowing our staff to push you towards your goals in as fast and as SAFE a way as possible.